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#Pitching3RScience Contest!


- A special Edition of the #Talking3R Science Webinar!
December 12th, 2023 (5-6 pm CET)

Are you a passionate PhD student dedicated to advancing the 3Rs (replacement, reduction, and refinement of animal testing)? We have an exciting opportunity just for you! The #Pitching3RScience Contest offers a fun and engaging way to showcase your research project, science-slam style. Join us and share your work with our #Talking3RScience webinar series family! It’s your chance to shine and become part of our vibrant scientific community.
Get creative and compete for the 3R-Center’s Best Presentation Award!

How the #Pitching3RScience Contest works

  • Submit Your Entry: In a first step, provide a creative graphical abstract and a brief description (both in English) of your 3R-related project using the submission form below.
  • Selection Process: After the review process, you’ll receive a message informing you whether your submission has been chosen by the committee for the live contest.
  • Preparing your pre-recorded contest contribution: Craft and record a compelling 5-minute presentation showcasing your work. You have the freedom to choose your format, whether it’s a dynamic PowerPoint, a series of engaging memes, a captivating cartoon, a spirited dance, or a melodious song. Let your creativity shine and captivate our audience with your unique style and message!
  • Live Presentation: During the live event, all selected contributions will be broadcasted!
  • Audience Interaction: After we presented all of your videos to the audience, they will have the chance to ask you questions using the platform’s Q&A function, and you can answer them in real-time during the discussion.
  • Choosing the Winner: To wrap it up, the audience will vote for the best contribution to determine this year’s contest winner, who will then win our amazing prize!

Technical Requirements & Deadline for Abstract Submission

  • Resolution & File Format: Please ensure that your graphical abstracts are submitted in high resolution and saved in either .png or .jpg format.
  • Aspect Ratio & File Size: Graphical abstracts have to be submitted in a square format and should not exceed 10 MB in size.
  • Caption: The short descriptive text accompanying your submission must be kept under 1000 characters, including spaces.
  • Extended Submission Deadline: The deadline for submitting graphical abstracts is Wednesday, December 06, 2023.

Submit your Graphical Abstract!

    Please enter your institutional affiliation (University Name / Institute / Department / Group)

    Please enter the link to your LinkedIn profile

    Please enter the handle/link to your X/Twitter profile

    Graphical abstracts must be submitted in high resolution in .png, .gif, .jpg extension, using 16:9 format and max. 10 MB size. If text is used, please write in English language. We cannot consider applications which do not fulfill these criteria.

    Please insert your short descriptive text (in English language) here, which must not exceed 1000 characters (space included).

    I confirm that I am currently enrolled as a PhD Student

    I have read the data protection regulations and agree to the data processing

    We will treat your personal data confidentially and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations and the privacy policy. Your data will of course be treated confidentially. By checking the box, you declare that you are familiar with and agree to the privacy policy listed at: Data privacy

    By checking this box, you declare that the 3R-Center Tübingen is allowed to use and publish the submitted Graphical Abstract as well as the complementary text on the 3R-Center Tübingen's website as well as on the social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn) of the 3R-Center Tübingen in order to promote the #Pitching3RScience Contest before and after the event. When posting/publishing an abstract, (graphic + complementary text), we will always acknowledge the author with her/his name and affiliation.

    By checking this box, you declare that the data you are submitting does not violate any image or copyright laws. The applicant declares to be fully liable for any infringement of image or copyright.

    Don't miss your chance to pitch your 3R-related PhD project!

    You have any further questions or concerns?

    Dr. Silke Riegger

    +49 7071 29-73667