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In the ZDF Logo! episode aired on March 27, 2024, reporter Lotte paid a visit to the 3R-Center in Tübingen, where she delved into the intricacies of the Organ-on-Chip systems developed by our µOrganoLab.

What Role do Children play as Target Audience for Science Communication?

Capturing children’s interest in science from an early age and providing them with opportunities to explore complex subjects like Organ-on-Chip systems, which serve as replacement and complementary methods to animal testing, is a pivotal objective of our science communication efforts.

Children and adolescents inherently possess an insatiable curiosity and a profound interest in unraveling the mysteries of the world and society around them. Tailoring scientific content specifically for them can not only cultivate their understanding of various scientific concepts from an early stage but also ignite a desire to delve deeper into these subjects. The importance of such initiatives extends beyond nurturing their initial fascination with the natural sciences, technology, and other academic disciplines; it also fosters their curiosity, ignites creativity, and hones critical thinking skills from an early age.

By offering enriching experiences with scientific content and topics, we aim to inspire and empower future generations of researchers to channel their passions and talents into the realm of scientific inquiry. In doing so, they can contribute to the advancement of knowledge, progress, and the betterment of society.