3R-Organizations International

On this page we introduce you to national and international 3R-organizations, societies and networks with which we at the 3R-Center Tübingen are in close contact and exchange. Learn more about their work and the joint efforts to sustainably replace, reduce and refine animal testing wherever possible.


3RSchulungsplattform für Methodische Ansätze zur Reduktion von Tierversuchen (3R-Training Platform for Methodological Approaches to Reduce Animal Testing)

3R-SMART is an information and training platform on replacement and new approach methods to animal experimentation, which is intended for interested laypersons as well as for researchers or technical staff. The acronym 3R-SMART stands for “3R-Schulungsplattform für Methodische Ansätze zur Reduktion von Tierversuchen” (English: “3R-Training Platform for Methodological Approaches to Reduce Animal Testing”).

The 3R-SMART platform is funded by the BMBF and offers various 3R contents in the form of text contributions, tutorial videos or lecture recordings.

With this Open Access training platform and a discussion forum, the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover and the Philipps University of Marburg want to support joint 3R research activities and to increase their visibility. In the future, it is planned that an extended range of services will also be available, which will also include taking examinations in all aspects of the 3Rs.

Charité 3R

An infrastructure of Charité – University Medicine Berlin that wants to strengthen the implementation of the 3R-Principle in research and education.

The aim is to improve translational research and animal welfare. The fields of action of Charité 3R comprise the three pillars of communication, education & support and research. Charité 3R raises awareness of the 3R-Principles in the scientific community and provides transparent information about animal experiments and alternative methods. The pillar education & support aims to offer young researchers further training opportunities on alternative methods and to support researchers in applying the 3R-Principles. Through the research pillar, a wide range of scientific projects dealing with one or more of the 3Rs areas are funded through various funding lines.


Norway’s National Consensus Platform for the advancement of the 3Rs

Norecopa was founded in 2007 and, as its name implies, is a member of ecopa, an umbrella organization that recognizes national platforms with equal representation of all four major stakeholder groups on its governing body: regulators, industry, academia and animal welfare organizations. Norecopa maintains a comprehensive website with global resources to promote the 3Rs, hosts the international Culture of Care Network website and also manages a Refinement Wiki where scientists and animal caregivers can post their ideas for improving animal research. 7-8 times a year, Norecopa also publishes a Newsletter with information on the latest advances in 3R field.


European Society for Alternatives to Animal Testing

EUSAAT is an association of various interested persons, institutions, companies and organizations. It sees itself as the European 3R-platform and offers know-how, a comprehensive network and also supports corresponding training measures. In close cooperation with NGOs, scientific institutions and relevant companies, it develops and disseminates replacement and supplementary methods to animal experiments in order to implement them in practice.
EUSAAT is active in all areas of the life sciences that are directly or indirectly involved in animal testing. This also includes the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, the field of cosmetics, basic research and also the field of regulatory and thus legally prescribed tests.


European Organ-on-Chip Society

The European Organ-on-Chip Society (EUROoCS) is an independent, not-for-profit organization established to encourage and develop Organ-on-Chip research and to provide opportunities to share and advance knowledge and expertise in the field towards better health for all.

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