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On February 23rd 2022, Dr. Susanne Aschhoff, member of the state parliament and spokeswoman for research policy of the Green parliamentary group in Baden-Württemberg, and Martina Braun, member of the state parliament and spokeswoman for animal welfare of the Green parliamentary group in Baden-Württemberg, were guests at the 3R-Center Tübingen. In addition, Ms. Zoe Mayer, animal protection policy spokeswoman of the Green parliamentary group in the Bundestag, also joint the meeting remotely.

During the visit, the work of the 3R-Center Tübingen was presented by Prof. Dr. Peter Loskill, head of the 3R-Center Tübingen, and Dr. Silke Keller, head of the 3R-Center Tübingen business unit, followed by an intensive discussion about where animal experiments can already be successfully replaced in science and how these models which are based on human cells can even better represent the human organism and thus provide more relevant results. The discussions focused on the central importance of low-threshold access to modern microphysiological in vitro test systems and the corresponding expertise. In order to sustainably reduce the number of animal experiments to the unavoidable minimum in the short and medium term and to completely replace animal experiments in the long term, it is essential to offer researchers the opportunity to conduct their individual studies in human in vitro models rather than in animal models. Ideas were jointly developed on how to collaboratively succeed in building a Core Facility at the 3R-Center, i.e. a centralized grant-funded facility that provides both the necessary infrastructure as well as the associated expertise.

We would like to thank the politicians for their initiative and great interest, as well as for the trusting and stimulating exchange. We are looking forward to further cooperations!